Recommended Sizes for Logos

The standard sizes for logos and designs on apparel can vary depending on the placement and the size and style of a specific garment. However, here are some recommended sizes for logos e on different types of apparel.

Recommended Sizes for Logos

Chest or Left Chest Embroidery

The most common placement for embroidery on apparel is the left chest area. For adult-sized garments, a typical design for this area is around 3 to 4 inches in width. This size allows the artwork to be clearly visible without appearing too overwhelming.  We recommend a maximum height of 3.5” and a maximum width of 4.5”.

Sleeve Embroidery

Artwork on garment sleeves are usually smaller compared to designs placed on the left chest. A standard size for sleeve designs is around 2 to 3 inches in width. This size ensures that the logo is visible but not overly prominent.  We recommend a maximum height of 2.1” and a maximum width of 3.5.

Recommended Sizes for Logos

Cap Embroidery or Hat Embroidery

Designs on caps or hats are typically smaller due to the limited space. Sizing for caps and hats can vary based on the style and design placement. For example, the stitchable area on a visor is smaller than on a typical cap.  Cap profile height must be considered when choosing the right size for your design.  It’s also important to consider the curved surface of the cap when determining design size, as smaller details may appear curved.  For visors we recommend a maximum height of 1.25” and a maximum width of 4”.  Low profile caps have a maximum height of 2.25” and a maximum width of 4.25” while high profile caps have an additional .25” in both width and height.

Recommended Sizes for Logos

Cap Back Embroidery

While most caps/hats focus on the design on the front, the back and side of headwear can also be embroidered. We recommend that graphics placed on the back of hats be no taller than 1.5” and no wider than 2.5”, while arched text on cap/hat backs be no taller than 0.5” and no wider than 4.25.”   

Recommended Sizes for Logos

Side of Cap Embroidery

The limited area on the sides of caps/hats leads us to recommend that designs have a maximum height of 1” and maximum width of 2.5.”

Recommended Sizes for Logos

Full Back Embroidery

Artwork placed on the back area of apparel (typically shirts or jacket backs) can vary in size. Depending on the design, garment size and personal preference, back of apparel designs can range from 5”-16” wide. We’ve found that designs for the back of apparel on adult-sized clothing should not exceed 16-18” in height and 10-16” in width.  Youth clothing sizes typically do not allow for designs to be larger than 8-10” in height and 6-8” in width.

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